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In utility auditing, when a specialist is needed, nothing can replace years of experience.


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If government agencies around the world don't know....
And the utility companies won't tell......
And the competitors can't say...
How can you expect your Engineers and Accountants to know?



Well obviously, the contracting parties know but they do not volunteer the details of special contracts. Somehow, you the consumer have to discover their existence and application to your circumstances. Unless and until you do, you may be grossly overpaying for electricity, gas, water, sewer, steam or telecommunications.


The best, most effective, and proven approach is to put the whole problem in the hands of an experienced organization of skilled rate analysts who have demonstrated their ability to save large sums for utility users all over the world.


Koteen Associates are those skilled rate analysts that can help you.



 Cash-strapped firms turn to audits

Crain's NY Business (1/4/09)


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