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Common Questions Asked By Our Potential Clients



What does our agreement with Koteen Associates involve?


All Koteení services are provided at no cost to you the client, as remuneration is derived and paid

for entirely from the refunds and saving realized as a result of implementing our recommendations.


Do you audit old utility bills from our office?


No. Our audit is completely non-invasive to your company and does not affect facility operations

or cause a great deal of extra staff work. All of our work is performed off site using utility company

records you provide and a letter of authorization from you. In a few cases a personal visit to the

site may be required.


What do you need from us to get started?


We only need three things to get started:


1   A signed Koteen Agreement


2   A Letter of Authorization typed and signed on your letterhead.


3   Photocopies of the last 12 monthís or more utility bills (electric, gas, water & sewer).

      For telephone we will need 1 month of your most recent bill.  


Are there any up-front costs or hidden expenses for which we must pay?




What utility companies do you audit?


We examine all utility bills from every utility company in the U.S. Koteen will also audit services

in Puerto Rico, Canada, Caribbean and Virgin Islands.


If your Service proves successful, do you correct the past mistakes to make sure the

same overcharge or discrepancies do not occur in the future?


Yes, we make sure the old mistakes are corrected. But no one, not even the utility company

themselves, can guarantee that their bills will be error free.


We have an internal auditing system for utility bills. What can you do that we

cannot do for ourselves?


Our specialty involves tariff and riders and special provisions that Utility companies offer but

are not obligated to give automatically. Koteen with its 55+ years experience is considered to

be one of the foremost authorities in the nation on utility tariffs.


How far back in the records can you go? 


We go as far back as we can prove an error existed or the statue of limitations which varies

from State to State.


How often do you find utility bills are incorrect?


It has been estimated that 4 out of 5 businesses have been unintentionally overcharged

by their utility supplier. Everyone with a utility meter is at risk until accuracy is verified.


Are there any utility services Koteen cannot audit?


Koteen can audit any utility bill, but normally do not audit residential services.


How soon do we get a refund after you begin the Utility Cost Control Program?


From three to six months (depending on how quickly the utility provider in your area responds).


Do we get the refund from you or from our Utility vendor?


The refund comes directly to you from your utility provider. You may receive an actual refund check,

or a credit/billing adjustment applied on your utility bill.


What other services do you offer?


Our forte is utility (electric, gas, water and sewer). However we have associates that we may offer

a full spectrum of cost reduction services: solar, retrofitting, lease and common area, accounts payable

review, etc. We will be happy to provide you with a list of cost reduction services that we offer.





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