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Utility bills were once an easily reconcilable and unquestioned expense in the old days of cheap energy - but now monthly statements have soared to become the source of the highest fixed costs in anyone's budget. Utility rates and invoices have become more complex and it is not the responsibility of the power companies to give the lowest possible rates when more than one is available. The responsibility rests with the customer. With the deregulation of utilities, some in addition to their normal utility bill will receive a separate invoice from an inexperienced Electric/Gas Marketer making matters more complex and the chance of incorrect billing even greater. With constant rate revisions being implemented by all utility companies, it is an advantage to your company to have a watchdog, an expert in utilities, to protect you from overpaying at all times.


George A. Koteen Associates, Inc., is a utility auditing firm, and our leading experts in the field specialize in utility rate consulting throughout North America, as well as Canada, Puerto Rico, Caribbean and Virgin Islands. We also service most of the European, South American and African countries.


We has been in business since 1953 and have been successfully lowering utility costs and recovering overpaid utility charges for hundreds of commercial and industrial customers. Not only do we enjoy a great relationship with our many clients but with the various nationwide utility companies. All of our services are provided at no cost to you the client, as are remuneration is derived and paid for entirely from the refunds and savings realized as a result of implementing our recommendations. We do not ask for a retainer and charge no up front fees of any kind. If we do not obtain any refunds, adjustments, credits or savings for your company, there is no fee!


As many of our satisfied clients will attest. We can put controls on these spiraling expenses, but without KOTEEN'S efforts, no savings at all would be enjoyed. For more information on how to take advantage of this free utility audit, please contact us:


George A. Koteen - Founder

Roger Koteen - CEO

Ismael Faustino - President

Christopher Faustino - Vice President


Marie Corrigan - Treasurer/Secretary -






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