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In The United States, What They Say


Excepts from some Utility Companies & Public Service Commissions


State Of New Jersey - “Concerning this matter, the Court in Decisions relating to selection of rate schedules, have indicated it would be unreasonable to charge a utility with the legal duty of selecting the rate most favorable and suitable for a particular customer, since this would require prescience and prophecy on the part of the utility.” 


New York State Electric And Gas Corporation - “Where more than one Service Classification is applicable, the applicant shall select a classification upon which his service will be based.” 


State Of Connecticut - “We wish to state that this Commission has no specific rule or regulation requirement that various utilities are to bill their customers on the cheapest sand best rate possible.”


Michigan Consolidated Gas Company - “The Company does not guarantee each customer will be served under the most favorable rate at all times, and will not be responsible for notifying the customer of the most advantageous rate.” 


The Public Service Company of Indiana, Inc. (Indiana) - “Where more than one schedule is available for the service requested, Customer shall designate the schedule he desires.” 


State Of California - “In such cases, the choice rests upon the customer, and no utility undertakes to do more than explain the advantages or disadvantages of any schedules between which a choice may exist.” 


Central Power & Light Company (Texas) - “the Company does not Assume Responsibility and will not be responsible for Customer being served under the most favorable rates at all times, and will not make refunds due to the difference, if any, between the amount of charges under a rate selected.” 


State Of Georgia - “The rules of the Commission do not require that a utility should bill customers on the most advantageous rate schedule.” 




Utility Talk


“Rather than getting better as a result of computerization, utility bills seem to be getting worse.  They are indecipherable, lack itemization, contain inflated or phony charges, and cost customers billions of dollars a year.”

                                                             ----Ralph Nader


“Another big source of problems is utilities.  Their use of such arcane terms as ‘electric fuel adjustment',' meter multipliers’, and ’therms’ confuses many customers.”

                                                             ----The Wall Street Journal


“Utilities overbilled $19 Billion in energy and telephone charges on incorrect taxes alone. These utilities are so rich with cash that they are buying such businesses as golf courses, recording studios and even a drug store chain.”

                                                             ----CA Rep. Robert T. Matsui                                                                    House Ways & Means Committee



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