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Koteen's program is also offered at no cost to you, unless a refund can be achieved or rate change is implemented.  Then and only then, we will share in the savings. Our agreement specifies that will share equally in any refunds or credits obtained on your behalf. We continue a shared participation for a limited time in any continuing savings, which result from our efforts. After we complete a sharing in the savings, you will retain 100% of these savings. This is how  we guarantee you will have no direct out of pocket costs and while providing a service which creates savings and adds profit to your bottom line.


Below is an example of a summer gas rate savings from one of our clients.

This customer was being billed under the Utility Companies "Rate A".
Block 1 3,550 x $0.23426 = $831.62
Block 2 3,550 x $0.340967 = $1,210.43
Service Chg. = $5.79
Fuel Adj. 3,550 x $0.003987 = $14.15
Total Cost

= $2,062.00


Koteen analyzed this client's rates and determined that the client would benefit based on many factors (hours of use, load factor, etc.) on an alternate rate the Utility Company offered - "Rate B". We then contacted the client's utility supplier and implemented our recommendation for cost savings. We then followed up and verified that the client was realizing the savings due to them.


See the results for the same gas bill below.

Block 1 1000 X $0.10577 = $105.77
Block 2 2,550 x $0.04755 = $121.25
Block 3 3,550 x $0.359467 = $1,276.11
Service Chg.

= $53.57
Fuel Adj. 3,550 x $0.003987 = $14.15
Total Cost

= $1,570.85


As you can see from the comparison above, changing customers rates, riders, tariffs or special provisions resulted in a monthly saving of approximately $500.00. When applied to multiple facilities and the variety of consumption and demand usage each month, savings can be correspondingly greater. We continue monitoring the accuracy of future billings, payments and credits as to insure that as changes occur in your usage, tariffs, and as new incentive programs become available, your company maintains the lowest possible costs.


Actual savings will not be shown on your utility bill, however the above demonstrates how much you would have continued to pay on your "former" billing method and what you are currently paying under our recommended "present" billing method. Each month you will receive a detailed invoice from Koteen illustrating the above.





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